Kendall Tacon Ethnomath Story

My ethnomathematics journey has been a transformative and inspiring one. Before entering the ethnomathematics graduate certificate program, I knew my values as a teacher: that the always students came first, creating meaningful learning opportunities were vital, and that my classroom was a safe space for everyone to learn and grow together. While this hasn’t changed, … read more of Kendall Tacon Ethnomath Story

Maggie Antonsen Ethnomath Story

When I moved to Hawaiʻi and became a teacher, I was struck by two things: How do you incorporate meaningful, applied lessons and how do I incoporate material relevant to my students when I am new to the Hawaiʻi culture? When I first enrolled in the program, I only had a very basic knowledge of … read more of Maggie Antonsen Ethnomath Story

Real-World Applications Beyond Textbooks 

Phil Galicinao, Hālau Kū Māna, discusses his experience with Ethnomathematics PD through real-world applications in wind patterns and wave patterns that go beyond the content in textbooks.