Real-World Applications Beyond Textbooks 

Phil Galicinao, Hālau Kū Māna, discusses his experience with Ethnomathematics PD through real-world applications in wind patterns and wave patterns that go beyond the content in textbooks.  

Jump On Board the Ethnomathematics Train

Kailua Intermediate School Department Chair Janel Marr discusses her experience with mathematics as part of every day life to be included in “culture, the environment, science, English, and social studies so everything can come together”.

“I Hated Math!”

When friends find out that I’m a teacher, our conversations become reflections on their favorite teachers, lunch menus, and how they hated math. This struck a chord with me, and I wondered why they hated math? How much impact can a teacher really have on the lives of his/her students? I have been employed at … read more of “I Hated Math!”