Kevin Hearty

Kevin Hearty, who is earning his BS in the Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science (KRS) Health and Exercise Science (HES) program, was awarded a $2,000 Arakawa Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Endowed Scholarship through the UH Star Student Scholarship application.

“Being a full-time student while also working to support myself, this scholarship is a blessing,” Hearty said. “It means I can worry less about money and focus more on my studies, and it gives me the chance to explore new interests while really make the most of my learning experience. This scholarship is a sign that someone believes in my potential, and it’s a boost to my determination to excel on my educational journey.”

Hearty says the HES program is preparing him very well to work in the field of health and exercise science. With a focus on training and conditioning of athletes and individuals, he hopes to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

“I took a long time to discover what I was passionate about,” Hearty said. “I’ve changed my major multiple times and spent a couple years at Leeward CC. I’ve always had a love for science and recently discovered my love of exercise. So those two things combined into a major that I just fell in love with. the KRS program is providing me with a deep understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and healthcare principles, which are crucial for a career in health care.”

Hearty plans to take a year to get familiar with work in kinesiology and also get more patient care experience. After that, he plans to apply to PA to become a Physician Assistant.

“I have observed Kevin in our iCARE program strengthen and hone his skills each day,” said KRS Associate Professor Paulette Yamada Tamashiro. “He is one of the many awesome KRS students who, through dedication and focus, translates textbook knowledge to clinical applications. We are so grateful for his efforts in his academic studies and community-based programs that make a real difference in society.”

Glen Y. Arakawa graduated from the College of Engineering in 1969. At the height of the Vietnam War and with the economy suffering, he was fortunate to be selected as one of three BSEE graduates to work at the Hughes Aircraft Company Radar Systems Division manufacturing facility in El Segundo, California where he remained for 11 years working with automatic test equipment. In 1982, he switched careers and became an investor in real estate. He has always been a staunch supporter of higher education and established this scholarship endowment to assist tomorrow’s future scientists and engineers who he hopes will also pay it forward.

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