Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science Assistant Professor

Allison Tsuchida

“I hope to further expand physical activity opportunities for individuals with disabilities, particularly in interscholastic athletics.”


Honolulu, HI


Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science

Related Degrees

  • BS, KRS: Health & Physical Education

PhD in Education, UH Mānoa; MS in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science, UH Mānoa; BS in Health Promotion, Boise State University

How did you become interested in the field of Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science (KRS)?
I’ve been an athlete my whole life and my love for sports initially drove me into this field. I have always been interested in human performance and the importance of physical activity on all aspects of health.

What is your specialization?
With a specialization in Adapted Physical Activity/Physical Education, I am able to focus on expanding and improving physical activity opportunities for populations who have traditionally faced barriers to participation, such as individuals with disabilities.

What was your previous position?
Previously, I was a junior specialist here at UHM, working on an extramural grant project called Project: Head, Neck, Spine. We developed an online health resource focusing on increasing awareness, response, and prevention of head, neck, and spine injuries for students. Most recently, we released an educator course that is heavily focused on the post-concussion “return to learn” process.

What is your philosophy of teaching?
It is essential that we all learn together from one another’s unique and diverse backgrounds. One of the best things that we can do through teaching is to enable and empower our students to utilize their individual strengths and knowledge gained through coursework and peers to make a positive difference in our communities. As a teacher, I want to motivate and challenge students to push themselves outside their comfort zone and think critically about problems and solutions.

Who are the candidates you hope will pursue a degree in this field?
I hope that all KRS majors, and particularly Health and Physical Education majors, who want to better meet the needs of all individuals that they work with pursue adapted physical activity in their academic journeys. Candidates with an open-mind, who are good communicators, flexible, adaptable, and creative will make the most of a degree in this field.

What are your future visions and goals?
I hope to further expand physical activity opportunities for individuals with disabilities, particularly in interscholastic athletics. Hawai‛i can really become a leader in adapted sport programming and it starts by creating more authentic sport participation opportunities both in and out of school time.

Are there any fun facts about you outside of work that you would like to share?
I have a two-year-old daughter who loves to spend Saturday mornings at the beach and another on the way! Hopefully #2 will enjoy breakfast beach picnics too!

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