Master of Education in Teaching (MEDT)

Apply Now Instructions

1. UHM Graduate System Application Form:

Complete the online Graduate Application Form:

  • Write down your login and PIN. You will not be able to recover them if you forget them.
  • Institution = “University of Hawaii at Manoa”
  • Site = “UH Manoa Main Campus”
  • Application Type= “Graduate Studies Fall Admissions”
  • On Application Checklist Item #7, choose  “Teaching–MEdT” as your Planned Course of Study. Leave the concentration area blank.
  • Application fee $100 (non-refundable)
  • Official Transcripts from each institution attended (except for UH system transcripts)
  • TOEFL or IELTS Scores (International Students only)

2. College of Education Mākālei Application:

Submit the following through Mākālei:

  • Select a Program
    • Degree: Master’s Degree
    • Program: MEdT, Teaching – Elementary, Secondary & Hawaiian Language Immersion
  • Select Program Options
    • Major: Select the subject you want to obtain a license to teach.
    • Program Delivery Option:
      • Select Manoa Campus if you intend to complete the program on ʻOahu attending mostly face-to-face classes.
      • Select Statewide if you intend to complete the program on any island Online/Hybrid delivery.
  • Licensure Track Admission Checklist
    • Personal Statement/Essay

3. Content Knowledge Requirement:

Applicants may choose to verify their content knowledge by submitting a passing score on the licensure test adopted by the Board in the content field. Submit official scores to University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, institution code 4867.


Demonstrate content knowledge through prior coursework.

For Elementary Education (grade K-6)

A minimum of thirty-six semester hours of coursework from an accredited institution of higher education with at least nine (9) semester hours in each of the following four core content areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  At least three (3) semester hours in each of the core content areas must be upper division (300 or 400 level).

Submit an elementary content coursework inventory worksheet:

For Secondary Education (Grade 6-12)

The three alternatives for secondary education are:

  • Content major consisting of a minimum of thirty semester hours in the content field for a bachelor’s degree awarded by an accredited institution of higher; OR
  • A minimum of thirty semester hours in the content field from an accredited institution of higher education, at least fifteen of which must be upper division level; OR
  • A master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in the license field awarded by an accredited institution of higher education.

To verify the above, submit a content coursework inventory worksheet for the subject you want to teach:

For a sample content coursework inventory worksheet, see:

4. Three Letters of Recommendation:

Provide the name, email address, phone number, and relationship for three references in your Mākālei application.  Your references will be sent a link to complete our online Letter of Recommendation form.  If they are not able to complete the form online, please download the PDF version of our Letter of Recommendation form and provide your reference with a copy.  Mākālei will facilitate the submission of your letters of recommendation, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring they are received by the March 1 deadline.  Common reasons that references are not receiving the system generated email are 1) email delivery to spam folder, 2) mistyped email addresses.

5. Admission Interview:

An email will be sent to applicants with complete applications to schedule an admissions interview. All applicants must attend a half-day interview on one of the dates below. Applicants residing in the continental U.S., neighbor islands, or overseas may choose to attend the interview online (Zoom). Please be sure that you are reachable by the email entered on your Mākālei application form.

  • February 11, 2023 (Sat) 9 am – 12:30 pm – priority deadline

  • *March 8, 2023 (Wed) 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm – final deadline

  • **April 8, 2023 (Sat) 9 am – 12:30 pm – final deadline

*Online only

** Changed from April 1, 2023


Apply Now Through Makalei
Apply Now Through Makalei
Apply Now Through Makalei