There is an option for those having lower than the required minimum GPA of 2.75. It is best to schedule a meeting to speak with an OSAS academic advisor who can calculate your current GPA and offer recommendations and information on amnesty. Those who obtained a degree with GPAs lower than a 2.5 would have to pursue amnesty, which allows students the opportunity to take four new courses to demonstrate they are capable of quality academic work at the college level. The GPA acquired from these four courses could then be used as the new entrance GPA for admission to our program.  For more information related to GPA requirements and concerns, please contact an OSAS advisor using the appointment link shared above or by emailing:

Candidates who have between a 2.5 GPA and a 2.75 GPA would have the option to pursue amnesty or apply to the program in hopes their application is strong enough to warrant admission. Candidates with strong recommendation responses, statement of objectives, experience in the field, and/or strong video recorded responses may still be admissible to the program. However, priority admissions will be given to those who have met the GPA criteria of 2.75 or above.