Qualifying activities that count toward a candidates accrued hours must be aligned with the scope of skills, responsibilities, and foundational knowledge outlined in the BACB® Fourth Edition Task List. See the BACB® Experience Standards for details.

  • Perform assessments related to behavior intervention programming/evaluation (e.g., stimulus preference assessments, functional behavior assessments).
  • Design/revise, implement, and monitor (i.e., observe and collect data) ABA programs.
  • Oversee implementation of ABA programs by other practitioners/caregivers.
  • Train other practitioners in behavior-analytic systems and activities.
  • Develop systems to manage staff performance.
  • Attend ABA program planning meetings or discuss ABA programs with others.
  • Research literature to facilitate ABA programming.
  • Graphing and analyzing data.

The BACB® specifies that no more than 50% of accrued experience may be spent on direct implementation (i.e., delivering therapeutic behavior analytic procedures/instruction to students/clients). Activities that are not based in and directly related to the principles and practices of behavior analysis cannot count toward experience hours. The candidate may not be related to or be the primary caretaker of the student(s)/client(s) with whom he/she is working with to accrue experience.