Minor in Education and Post-Bac Certificate in Special Education

Kayla Magsayo

“I would highly recommend the MIE to other students, in fact, to ALL students.”


Waiʻanae, HI


Special Education

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  • Minor in Education
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Special Education (PBSPED)

Where do you work?
Wai‘anae Intermediate School

How did you become interested in the Minor in Education (MIE)?
Some part of me has always known I wanted to become a teacher. I would come home with my teachers’ extra worksheets and “play school” with my sister and friend. The three of us would take turns being the teacher and the students. However, all the females in my family are teachers, and I wanted so badly to carve my own path. By carving my own path, I got my bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS). Upon completing my degree, in order to meet the requirements to graduate, I needed to take a few other courses. Making sure each class counted towards something more, I took LTEC 112 and like it. This class had other programs associated with it, but the only one that could fit my circumstances at the time was the MIE. That is when I decided to challenge myself and got my Minor in Education. This also allowed me to get my substitute teaching certificate. It was at that moment when I realized teaching was my backup plan and getting an MIE was a way for me to get my feet wet to teaching.

What made you decide to return for your teaching license?
Being a graduate in 2020 during the pandemic was completely difficult. Due to COVID-19, it was hard to find jobs that were geared closer to my bachelor’s degree in HDFS. Soon after I graduated, I decided to make use of my substitute certificate and became a substitute teacher. The schools needed substitute teachers, and I needed a job. Not too long after, I was offered a special education teaching position, which led to an emergency hire position. Since emergency hires can only work for three years without a teaching degree, I returned for my teaching license in hopes of getting my degree before completing my emergency hire contract.

Would you recommend the MIE to other students? Why?
I would highly recommend the MIE to other students, in fact, to ALL students. Whether they want to become an educator or not, it’s an experience ALL students should have in their back pockets. The MIE teaches you a lot of things that aren’t so obvious when it comes to teaching or learning in general. It only consists of two courses that are mandatory, and the rest is up to you. To me, that’s a plus when it comes to making life decisions. Being able to choose your own coursework and things you may find of interest within education, why not? On top of all of that, the substitute course comes at a reduced cost, and schools are always looking for substitute teachers. Also, if you are a hands-on person, this program is for you.

What was the best part of your program(s) at the COE?
The best part of my programs at the COE was building the relationships between me, my classmates, and my professors. Each and every one of them has made an impact on my life, but most importantly, Janet Kim! She has been there for me from day one and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do for me. I can honestly say I have also made lifelong friendships within the teaching profession.

In what ways do you hope to make a difference in the field of education?
The biggest way I hope to make a difference would be to teach the students all types of life skills needed to prosper in life. Aside from the usual subjects, I would incorporate personal hygiene, public speaking, budgeting, creating a business, and much much more. I want to make sure each student receives the best education possible and provide the students with resources that may be out of reach. Overall, I just hope the students live up to their fullest potential and know that no matter what, I will be here to support them every step of the way in any way possible. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally, financially, you name it. I WILL BE THERE!!

How did the people and the program in the COE helping you along your way to becoming a teacher?
The people in the program as well as the COE made sure I was always on top of it. They were very understanding as I was teaching full time, working part time, and going to school all at the same time. My plate was extremely loaded and if it wasn’t for the three of my classmates (they know who they are), I honestly wouldn’t have made it to the finish line. They pushed me and pushed me even when I wanted to give up. In the end, I did come out an amazing teacher as I’ve been told by people in the program and COE. Overall, I am truly grateful for everyone who never gave up on me! I MADE IT!

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to continue to be the resource teacher my students need for the next few years. While doing so, I plan to go back to school and get my master’s degree. I definitely want to continue teaching, possibly transitioning from a resource teacher to an elective teacher.

When did you complete the MIE? Your teaching license?
I got my MIE in Spring 2020, and my teaching license in Spring 2023.

Anything else you would like to include?
The quote, “IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make” by Lewis Carroll, is one I forever live by. Joining the COE was definitely a chance I took, and I love it! Thank you for always being so supportive and believing in me always. It took me joining the COE to finally get straight A’s.

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