Each month, members from the Tinalak Filipino Advisory Council contribute articles to the Fil-Am Courier for publication.  The focus of each article is self-selected and may cover a variety of topics, from personal narratives to research-based articles to community announcements.  The articles serve as a platform to connect with and inform the greater community about what is occurring in the field of education. They also showcase and promote the positive contributions made by the Filipino faculty and graduate students from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

“The Fil-am Courier is Hawaii’s foremost and longest-running Filipino publication in the State with a circulation that covers all the islands.  Published in English in Honolulu, it was founded in November 1987 by Mary and David Cordero who continue to be its publisher today. For more than thirty years, the Courier has served as the voice of the Filipino community in Hawaii as it covered issues of significant interest or major events in the Filipino community calendar while serving as a platform for community discussion and debate. It boasts of a large retinue of local writers who produce original work every issue. The Fil-am Courier, printed twice a month, can be picked up free of charge at major Filipino stores or restaurants.

Past Issues