Program pages – these should be completed before every application cycle, around July-August and February for most programs

  1. Review program pages – check for accuracy, broken links, etc
    • Read through all content, edit for accuracy, keep content brief!
    • Make sure your application notifications are correct, see screenshot below.
    • Check all links. Manoa and UH websites occasionally change their links, e.g. tuition, financial aid, etc.
    • Add/update any funding opportunities that are available
    • Check contact info/person is correct
    • Don’t forget FAQs, How to Apply, Forms & Docs, Request More Info and any other subpages (sidebar)
  2. Review and update any print materials or documents on the site, e.g. flyers, brochures, forms
    • If you’ve made any changes, make sure the PDFs are accessible. Visit ISG’s drop in hours for assistance.


Program page example

Sitewide changes – this should be done once a year at minimum, preferably July-August

  1. Refresh research listing
    • Add 5-10 recent research or service items
    • These should be added to Kudos first, and then added to your COE site
    • Consider adding photos to your research/service items!
  2. Check news, events, announcements, profiles
    • E.g. sometimes departments may reuse an announcement to advertise info sessions, but the dates are in the past
    • Consider what new content could be added this coming semester to the website and social media, see the COE Intranet for more info
  3. Add/refresh photos
  4. Audit faculty/staff listing
    • Retired faculty, change of department/program chairs
    • Contact coeisg@hawaii.edu for assistance
  5. Review and update Applications Open Spreadsheet (grad chairs)