If you are running an older version of MacOS, please see our companion tutorial for MacOS 10-12.


Open System Preferences, select Network to open network settings and select the three (3) dots near the bottom right corner of the window to see additional options.

network settings


Select  Add VPN Configuration –> L2TP over IPSec

add vpn service


Enter the following information:

Display Name: COE VPN

Server Address: secure.coe.hawaii.edu

Account Name: Fill in your uh_username@department provided by the COE VPN Registration Tool

Password: Enter your UH password

Shared Secret: Fill in the shared secret provided by the COE VPN Registration Tool

enter network info


Select the Options tab and ensure Send all traffic over VPN connection is turned off (greyed out)

Click Create

verify options


Select the Control Center tab, scroll down to the bottom and on the VPN row and click Don’t Show in Menu Bar to bring up a dropdown menu. Select Show in Menu Bar

show in menu bar


To connect to or disconnect from the COE VPN, click on the VPN icon in the top-right corner of the screen

connect to vpn