Hannah Tavares

Associate Professor Hannah Tavares has two new groundbreaking publications in a book series titled Flashpoint Epistemology from Routledge Education Books. She is a co-editor with three other scholars from China, Finland, and the U.S. The two volumes consider flashpoints – moments of apparent intractability generated within cross-philosophical clashes, connections, contacts, and negotiations – as urgent sites of study and for rethinking educational futures. The series is dedicated to analyzing flashpoints within educational settings that are mediated by or involve technological inventions.

Tavares book cover


Flashpoint Epistemology Volume 1: Arts and Humanities-based Rethinkings of Interconnection, Technologies, and Education
This volume examines contemporary collisions and reworkings of cultural-political issues in education through arts and humanities-based approaches.


Tavares book cover

Flashpoint Epistemology Volume 2: Aporias of Complexity in Power, Politics and Methods in Education
This volume brings creative sociopolitical research perspectives to flashpoints which emerge amid appeals to globalisation, synoptic policy approaches, and new technologies. The chapters challenge prevailing notions of distance and difference, comparative philosophy, worlding practices, and contact zones.

About the Author

Dr. Hannah M. Tavares is an associate professor in the College of Education Department of Educational Foundations. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She completed her Masters of Education in Educational Foundations and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Certificate in Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. In 2017 she received the American Education Studies Association Critics’ Choice Award for her book, Pedagogies of the Image: Photo-archives, Cultural Histories, and Postfoundational Inquiry.


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