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Mary K. Chang’s receMary Chang book coverntly revised dissertation has been published by SUNY Press. Teaching, Tenure, and Collegiality: Confucian Relationality in an Age of Measurable Outcomes builds on research by comparative philosophers, constructing a concept of Confucian relationality and engaging it to question universities’ increasing reliance on market-oriented metrics to determine their strategic directions and gauge faculty productivity. The book reevaluates what universities normatively value and offers a holistically expansive view that positions faculty as experts and learners whose activity is inseparable from the contexts constructed by the relationships from which they emerge.

Chang, who earned her PhD in the College of Education Department of Educational Foundations (EDEF), is also the co-editor of Writing-Based Teaching: Essential Practices and Enduring Questions. She was a member of COEDSA, the college’s doctoral student association, which she says offered valuable support while she was a graduate student. Her dissertation chair was EDEF Associate Professor Hannah Tavares, and her dissertation committee included EDEF Associate Professor Baoyan Cheng as well as Eileen Tamura, Sarah Twomey, and Roger Ames.

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