EDEP 768B is an advanced seminar that aspires to look deeply into the role and function of culture in human psychology, behavior, development and learning. The importance of culture as a mediating variable in education, psychology, human relations, business and virtually all human experience has been recognized across disciplines. This course should be of interest to doctoral and master’s level students from a variety of disciplines including education and psychology. The course will examine essential psychological functions and characteristics of culture based on current, empirically supported psychological theory and the relevance of culture to human development, learning, inter-group conflict, anxiety management and the construction of meaning. The seminar will specifically address the consequences of traumatic cultural disruption, cultural recovery, dimensions of cultural variation, human universals, attributional differences, processes of colonization and decolonization, within group variation, the relationship between culture and ecology and the relevance of these factors to educational policy and practice.
This seminar is open to graduate students with a serious interest in exploring the issue of culture and its relevance to the human condition and human experience.

Thursdays 4:30 – 7:00
BusAd D105
Instructor: Michael Salzman, Ph.D.

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