Graduate Certificate

Typical Length 1 year

Delivery Campus-Based

The 15-credit Program Evaluation certificate will focus on the theory, design and practice of program evaluation and is designed for those who are looking for skills and certification in program evaluation. A capstone course that includes a community-based capstone project will help students apply their skills in an authentic context. Prerequisites for this certificate include proficiency in basic research design and statistics (EDEP 608: Introduction to Research or equivalent).

Who should consider this program

Graduate students and professionals working in the community who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in program evaluation may wish to to enroll in this program. The certificate will focus on the theory, design and practice of program evaluation.

Common Careers

The primary employers are educational institutions, both public and private, at all levels: K through 12, postsecondary (community colleges and universities), government and private agencies like testing companies, non-profit agencies, research institutes, and private or public educational organizations. Many evaluators also contract their services.

There is no single job title for educational psychologists in organizations, but some examples include program evaluator, educational consultant, test developer, statistician, psychometrician, and educational specialist.

Admission Requirements

Must have graduated from an accredited, four-year institution of higher education recognized by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), prior to beginning the Graduate Certificate, Program Evaluation (PE) in Educational Psychology program.

You are required to write your Professional Goals as part of your application.

Two (2) references

How to Apply
Application Deadlines
Starting Semester General Admission International Students Admission
Fall April 1 April 1
Spring November 1 November 1
Summer N/A N/A

How to Apply
Tuition & Funding

The current tuition rate is $650 per credit for residents and $1402 per credit for non-residents. Information on tuition and fees can be found under the “General & Post-Baccalaureate Unclassified” heading on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

There are many resources available to help graduate students pay for college, including College of Education scholarships. There are also several scholarships listed generally through the UH Manoa General Scholarship ListSTAR website (please note that this is only accessible to students with a valid UH ID number – must be admitted as a student prior to looking for scholarships on this site) and the Financial Support section of the Graduate Division website. For more information on financial aid and additional resources, please visit the UH Manoa Financial Aid Office (

Some students may find employment as graduate assistants (GAs) which includes a tuition waiver as well as a stipend.

Delivery & Format

EDEP courses are generally offered face to face with one to two classes offered online or using a hybrid model each semester. Classes are usually offered in the late afternoon to accommodate students work schedule.

Evening, hybrid and online courses at UH Mānoa


The EPPE Certificate in Educational Psychology is a 15-credit graduate program including a capstone project.


  • EDEP 608: Introduction to Research (or equivalent)


  • EDEP 657 Introduction to Program Evaluation (3)
  • EDEP 613 Qualitative Research Methods in Education (3) or equivalent
  • EDEP 685: Certificate Capstone Project in Educational Psychology (3)

Any two of the courses below:

  • EDEP 602 Survey Research Design and Analysis (3)
  • EDEP 768G Educational Evaluation (3)
  • EDCS 769 Curriculum and Program Evaluation (3)

See EDEP Handbook for more information regarding the EDEP EPPE Certificate


Our faculty and staff will provide you with guidance and resources to support your success from beginning to end. You will receive a dedicated faculty advisor to partner with you on your journey.

Program Coordinator

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