image of Lois Yamauchi

Lois Yamauchi Chair

Interests: Sociocultural Theories; Teachers, Students, and Families from Non-Majority Backgrounds; Cultural Influences on Learning and Development

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image of Seongah Im

Seongah Im Professor

Interests: Mixed effects modeling in the contexts of education and psychology; Measurement and applied psychometrics

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Min Liu Associate Professor

Interests: Structural Equation Modeling; Mixture modeling; Multivariate Methods

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image of Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy Assistant Professor

Interests: Education policy; Program evaluation; Immigration policy; Research design

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image of Katherine Ratliffe

Katherine Ratliffe Professor

Interests: Family School and Community Partnerships; Immigrant education; Disability; Pacific Island students

(808) 956-4281

image of George Harrison

George Harrison Affiliated Faculty

Interests: Second language learning; Survey research; Evaluation and assessment

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