GCERT in Educational Psychology Student

John Friend

“The MS Graduate Certificate program has provided me with the skills and training needed to conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research.”


Alameda, California


Educational Psychology

Related Degrees

  • Graduate Certificate, Measurement and Statistics (MS) in Education Psychology

How did you become interested in the Educational Psychology GCERT in Measurement and Statistics (MS) Program?
I am very interested in the interdisciplinary and multi-method approaches found in the field of educational psychology. The courses in the EDEP program offer the opportunity to not only study statistical concepts but also practical application using popular data analysis software (e.g., SPSS, Mplus, R).

Where do you work?
I am a second-year PhD student and graduate assistant in the Department of Marketing at Shidler College of Business.

Do you participate in any clubs or organizations in or outside of school?
As the Interest Group Chair for the Society of Medical Decision Making (SMDM), I work closely with the Society’s various interest groups to promote networking opportunities, research collaboration, and educational outreach.

How has the COE program impacted or benefited your career path?
The MS Graduate Certificate program has provided me with the skills and training needed to conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research. I have gained a deeper understanding of the inner workings of quantitative methods as well as their application to social science research.

Is there anyone in particular who inspired you to pursue a career in education?
I became fascinated with measurement and psychometrics after taking classes with Educational Psychology Professor, Dr. Seongah Im. She introduced us to unique and creative ways of thinking about data analysis that inspired me to study advanced statistics.

What are your future plans with your degree?
I plan to pursue a tenure-track faculty position at a business school. Building on my training in measurement and statistics, I intend to conduct research that offers new ways of thinking about marketing practices and the changing nature of the marketplace. I am especially interested in developing new conceptual frameworks and using innovative statistical approaches to produce purpose-driven marketing thought that informs policymaking.

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