Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation Internship

Developing exercise prescriptions and leading one-on-one exercise training for cancer patients

REHAB Hospital of the Pacific, Hawaii’s only premier, acute-care rehabilitation hospital, and the University of Hawai‘i Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science Department are collaborating in a study to show how exercise diminishes the toxic effects associated with cancer therapies.

The purpose of this Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation internship is to give students an opportunity to gain practical experience in developing exercise prescriptions and leading one-on-one exercise training for cancer patients.

Students can expect to gain:

Experience in exercise testing, exercise prescription, and delivery of exercise training.
A new skillset which will prepare them to work with clients with special considerations.
The opportunity to put classroom knowledge into practice, bridging the gap between textbook education and practical application.

Research Background:

Cancer survivors face treatment-related toxicities which potentially develop into lifelong, chronic illnesses. These toxicities cause dysfunction to all the major systems in the body such as cardiovascular dysfunction, cachexia, reduced immunity, pulmonary fibrosis, lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy, and perhaps the most debilitating – cancer-related fatigue. These toxicities compounded with a lack of physical activity and poor health behaviors during the transition from cancer treatment to survivorship may predispose survivors to recurrent or secondary cancers. Exercise may help to reverse these toxicities to improve health, fitness, and quality of life in cancer patients.
As an intern in this program, you will design exercise prescriptions and train exercise patients in a one-on-one setting.