2. Planning

Planning considerations for you OPIHI field trip

This section addresses how to choose an OPIHI intertidal site to monitor, deciding on a field trip day and time, thinking through how you will sample the site with your students, some school logistics, preparing your students for the field, and ensuring you have a safe field trip.

Overall Planning Considerations

  • Consider both the scientific and educational objectives of the trip and the resources of the area.
  • Research and be considerate of particularly sensitive, unique, or rare features (environmental and cultural).
  • Prepare thoroughly to ensure the safety of all persons involved as well as the safety of the intertidal organisms.
  • Plan and conduct activities carefully to avoid long-term deterioration of the site.
  • Discuss the effect of your field trip on the environment with your students.

Refer to this outline, which includes task check-boxes, as you navigate this section to prepare for your trip.

In addition, prepare for your field trip by familiarizing yourself with the OPIHI field protocol and preparing supplies. You and your students should also complete the OPIHI pre-field trip Classroom Activities.