Gardening and Sustainability

The purpose of this unit is to teach the 4th and 5th graders of the after-school garden club about gardening. The students will learn about how to establish and upkeep a garden, what plants need to survive, about the ecosystem of a garden, why sustainability is important, and how the garden can help our community. The design of this unit is that some learning will take place in the classroom as mini lessons and then the hands-on learning and application will occur outside in the garden.
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Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Social Studies (C3), Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, Na Hapena A'o

Community Partner(s)

I found community partners with backgrounds in gardening and sustainability.

Essential Question

How do we care for a garden and how can we use that garden to help our community?

Enduring Understanding

Students will understand how to care for a garden.  

Students will understand how the garden ecosystem works.

Students will understand how a garden supports sustainability for the community.

Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content Science, Agriculture, STEM