MEd Curriculum Studies, Interdisciplinary Education

Typical Length 13 months

Delivery Summer Hybrid, Hybrid

Nationally Accredited


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The MEd CS, Interdisciplinary Education STEMS² track is designed for educators who want to be transformative, connect with community, engage students in place and experiential learning, transcend disciplinary boundaries, and gain leadership skills that emphasize respect and collaboration. This 13 month track is housed in the department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Hawai’i – Manoa, College of Education. It focuses on real-world problem solving via project-based and place-based learning within a social context that integrate science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the social sciences while focusing on youths’ development in relation to their sense of self as local and global citizens. Teaching from a STEMS² perspective entails place-based, project-based learning where students emulate the processes of professionals in are variety of fields (i.e., historians, engineers, etc.) to design solutions to real world problems in their local and global communities.


Hear from Melonie Leihua Stewart on her experience as a distance student in the STEMS² program!

Common Careers

Graduates go into a diverse array of professional fields related to education. Upon completion of STEMS² many are offered and take school leadership positions in public, private and charter schools as well as community, state and private informal education spaces. For a list of careers and current alumni activities please contact the program directly.

Admission Requirements

Must have graduated from an accredited, four-year institution of higher education recognized by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), prior to beginning the MEd, Curriculum Studies: STEMS2 program.

An Undergraduate Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

A transcript from each post-secondary institution attended.

A written statement of objectives as part of your application.

Your resumé or CV.

Three (3) letters of recommendation

Applicants who are not native English speakers may need to take the TOEFL or IELTS (Academic) tests. For more information view the Graduate Division website.

International students that have been admitted are required to submit a copy of their Identification documents (i.e. Passport or Identification Card)

International applicants need to show proof of sufficient funding to cover all educational and living expenses

How to Apply
Application Deadlines
Starting Semester Early Admission General Admission International Student Admission
Summer N/A *February 15 *November 30

*Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and on a rolling basis beginning December 1. Review will continue until a cohort fills (20 people) on or before the February 15th deadline. It is recommended that you apply before the deadline.

How to Apply

For the most current information, always refer to the UHM Outreach College Tuition and Fees.

The track offers students stipends to assist with costs associated with Learning Journeys. The amount of the stipends is based on individual student’s geographical location and situation (e.g. students who are UH employees using tuition waivers cannot receive stipends).

Funding Options

University of Hawai’i

Local/Community Based

Native Hawaiian Scholarship Information

National/Online Based

Delivery & Format

The MEd CS, Interdisciplinary Education STEMS² track is a unique hybrid program meeting fully online in the Fall and Spring semesters bookended by two three week intensive in-person experiential summer learning sessions. Summer learning sessions take place on Oahu (2 weeks) and Hawai‘i Island (1 week) in summer 1 and Maui (1 week) and Oahu (2 weeks). Cohorts begin annually during Summer. Each cohort will span 13 months (Summer 1, Fall, Spring, Summer 2).

During the two book end summers, participants experience STEMS² via a series of “Learning Journeys” that engage learners in place and culture-based integrated experience/service learning experiences. Travel, accommodations and some food costs are subsidized by the program.

STEMS2 Delivery and Format

STEMS² alum Jerrik Feliciano discusses the flexibility of the STEMS² schedule.

Sample Coursework

The MEd CS, Interdisciplinary Education STEMS² track consists of the following:

  • 4 core courses (12 credits) –  EDCS 622G Curriculum Leadership: K–14 (3), EDCS 606 Introduction to Research in Curriculum and Teaching (3), EDCS 632 Qualitative Research Methods (3), and EDCS 667G Seminar in Curriculum (3)
  • 6 specialization courses (18 credits) – EDCS 417 STEM Pedagogy (3), EDCS 433 Interdisciplinary Science Curriculum (3), EDCS 640M Seminar: Interdisciplinary Education (3), EDCS 640P Seminar: Place Based Education (3), EDCS 440 Curriculum Implications of Multicultural Education (3), and EDCS 654 Ethnomathematics (3)
  • Plan A Thesis or Plan B Paper/Project

Requirements are found in the MEd-CS Handbook: STEMS².