Innovation from Wakanda to Our Community

This unit focuses on sustainability and uses the design thinking process for an authentic performance task at your school. Students will work together to research a sustainability problem at your school, collect and analyze data, and think of solution ideas. Student teams will create prototypes for their solutions and get real-world feedback from local community partners. Student teams will present on their process and prototypes at a school-wide sustainability expo (set up by the teacher).
This curriculum is still under review by faculty. Units identified as Under Review have been submitted by educators. While they are available to view now, they are currently being reviewed by our curriculum committee for addition to this site.

Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Social Studies (C3), Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, International Society for Technology in Education

Community Partner(s)

You will incorporate local community partners into this unit.

Community partners could include:

  • Innovators, technologists, and scientists within the community (i.e. Tesla engineer)
  • Local politicians
  • Community leaders and members

Essential Question

How can we use STEM to create innovations that improve the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of our school?

Enduring Understanding

  1. Sustainability: I can meet my needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  2. Global Citizens: I can positively impact my community and the world through STEM.

Author Reflections

This unit is not yet complete, but I hope to complete it within the next year.

If you are interested in collaborating on this unit or have ideas, questions, or feedback, please email me:

Learner Level High School

Primary Content STEM, Engineering, Math, Science, Career & Technical