Introduction to Environmental Stewardship

The overall purpose of this unit is to introduce the topic of environmental stewardship to early childhood children. I believe that taking care of the environment is essential to keep in mind in any age group, but I believe that it should be introduced at an early age. The unit consists of three main lessons (introduction, compost, planter activity), with journaling and/or reflections to be done in between lessons. The lessons are shorter in length to keep children interested and engaged.
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Standards Aligned

Other (see Unit)

Community Partner(s)

Possible community partners could be someone who is experienced in composting.

Another possibility would be someone who works with worms and vermicomposting. This will depend on the availability of these community partners in the area, and what the educator implementing the lessons decides to incorporate in the lesson.

Essential Question

How can my family and I do our part in making a difference to make the world a cleaner and healthier place?

Enduring Understanding

Students will understand that their actions impact the environment, and how it does so.

Students should learn that by taking something we were going to throw away and doing something else with it, we are reusing.

Students will understand that reusing materials will help the earth stay, or become, clean and healthy.

Learner Level Pre-K

Primary Content Science, STEM, Engineering