The KOA Ed class is an afterschool program for sixth graders. It focuses on learning journeys to natural reserves and game management areas, allowing students to understand the resources and threats to their community. The unit integrates the Na Hopena Aʻo framework and emphasizes implementing core values and beliefs in the Waianae community. Students engage in activities such as archery, survival skills, and learning about where they live.
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Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Math, Na Hapena A'o, Other (see Unit)

Community Partner(s)

My community partners for this; 

  • PALS and PLACES Hawaii. PALS (Place-based Afterschool Literacy Support) 
  • The Bushwackers Archery Club in Kapolei 

Essential Question

As 6th graders, kanaka, how can we use KOA to live and preserve our ahupua’a?

Enduring Understanding

  1. The resilience of using low-tech tools to provide food for their families is grounded in our ancestors. 
  2. Learning that indigenous ways of self-sustenance is safer for them and the environment.  
  3. Learning the discipline of KOA, stillness, and self-control will support them in being on target for life. 


Author Reflections


Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content STEM, Physical Education, Health