8:30am–12:00pm, June 25–26, 2020



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Take part in the 2nd Annual STEMS2 Symposium! Once a year the larger STEMS2 community has the opportunity to get together and share how we are questioning and challenging the normative STEM narrative of what counts as STEM and whose knowledge matters. This year the symposium will be fully on-line via ZOOM over the mornings of Thursday, June 25th and Friday, June 26th.

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Share knowledge with and learn alongside fellow STEMS^2 enthusiasts including teachers, students, researchers, community members, community partners, informal educators, etc. Whether a presenter or participant, we encourage everyone to contribute in making the STEMS2 Symposium a place where all attendees can engage in the pillars of STEMS2 while being a teacher and learner at all times. Participation in the STEMS2 Symposium is free and open to all educators or anyone interested in promoting STEMS2 education. Once you have submitted your registration information, we will share the event program and directions for how to join the event on June 25th & 26th.

The registration deadline is June 23rd. Check out the symposium website to receive updates on the event.

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We look forward to learning from and with you!

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