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9:00am–7:00pm, June 28–30, 2022




University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Campus Road
Honolulu, HI

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“If you ask me what is the most important thing that I have learned about being a Haudenosaunee, it’s the idea that we are connected to a community, but a community that transcends time…. You take the inheritance from the past, you add to it, your ideas and your thinking, and you bundle it up and shoot it to the future. And there is a different kind of responsibility. That is not just about me, my pride and my ego, it’s about all that other stuff. We inherit a duty, we inherit a responsibility. And that’s pretty well drummed into our heads. Don’t just come here expecting to benefit. You come here to work hard so that the future can enjoy that benefit.” (Rick Hill Sr. as cited in

This quote describes the Haudenosaunee value of Seventh Generation (Haudenosaunee Confederacy, n.d.). As we reflect on the STEMS² construct, we continue to learn how foundational this principle is to the practice of STEMS². This year’s symposium experience will be grounded in the Seventh Generation philosophy and how it intensifies our bond of community, promotes stability, and provides concrete values with which each person can test their everyday actions.  Please join us in exploring the STEMS² pillars and what Seventh Generation philosophy means for individuals and communities to apply these ways of being to our work. 

Join Us

We invite you to the 4th Annual STEMS² Symposium! This year, we will offer opportunities to engage both in person and online. In-person experiences will include activities that physically engage participants with people and places around O‘ahu. Online experiences will include workshops, poster sessions, and talk stories/paper presentations. Whether you participate locally on Oʻahu or from a distance, join fellow STEMS² enthusiasts who share a passion for exploring the roles that place, culture, and identity play in interdisciplinary education. 

When: June 28, 29 & 30, 2022

Where: Online or In person


Proposal Submission: 

Cost: FREE! (opportunities to donate)

Participation in the STEMS² Symposium is free, supported by donations and partnerships. A donation is not required to participate, but if you are interested and/or able to contribute $10 to cover the cost of the Gather platform, we would appreciate your donation.

Ways to Engage

This three-day experience will include opportunities to engage both online and in person. Participants are welcome to join locally on Oʻahu or from a distance.  Whether a presenter or a participant, we encourage everyone to contribute to making the STEMS² Symposium a place where all attendees can engage in the pillars of STEMS² while being a teacher and a learner at all times.

Ways to Engage at the STEMS^2 Symposium with Key

Session Types

Grounded in the value of Aʻo (to teach and learn in a reciprocal relationship), we work to create inclusive, interactive spaces to hear as many voices as possible in multiple session formats. This year, weʻve added a new session type, STEMS² Service-Learning Experience, to provide opportunities to be in community and build a relationship with place through the lens of culture, identity, and interdisciplinary education.

Talk Story/Paper Session (Online) – Presenters facilitate knowledge sharing and discussion on a focused experience or research topic (30 min).

Poster (Online) – A conference-style poster is utilized to share findings from experiences and research, providing opportunities for thoughtful conversations (60 min).

Workshops (In person or Online) – Presenters share skills, knowledge and resources with the goal of developing participants’ access to new skills, forms of knowledge and resources (60 min for online session or 2-3 hours for in-person session).

Performances (Online) – Knowledge sharing occurs through artistic expression including dance, music, drama, etc (30 – 60 min).

STEMS^2 Service-Learning Experience (In person on Oʻahu) – Presenters provide participants first-hand opportunities to engage in STEMS² Pedagogy by exploring the roles that place, culture, and identity play in interdisciplinary education at a location on Oʻahu. Presenters will coordinate and host an experience to take place on the morning of Wednesday, June 29 (2 – 3 hrs).

Community Partner & Exhibitor Tables (In person or Online) – Community partners and collaborators host exhibits, share resources, and share information about their programs and/or projects.

Visit the 2022 STEMS² Symposium website for more information.

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