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STEMS2 Student/Alumni

How I Practice STEMS²

I practice STEMS^2 by applying the Hawaiian concept of a’o. Learning is not void of place, but rather values the wonder and curiosity that are generated from experiences and interactions between the learner and his or her place. Being a teacher learner exemplifies this teaching philosophy. As a Complex Area STEM resource teacher, I have the amazing opportunity to collaborate with and learn from colleagues across Hawaii from the school level to the complex area level to the state level. This learning translates into the projects, training and support provided to our schools, teachers and students. None of which have ever been created in isolation. This reciprocity of learning also extends to coaching teachers in the classroom and working with students. The formative learning process that happens by observing what students do, write and say is the space where I learn to be a better teacher.

Where I Teach

Hana, Hawaii