Fostering Culturally Sustaining Math Teacher Development


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Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy is teaching through the resources, contexts, and practices of a community to teach those within that community, but to also feed back into the development of the community. But what does it look like to facilitate the development of mathematics teachers who not only teach in a way that reflects the tenets of culturally sustaining pedagogy but also own and refine their own development as teachers of mathematics. This presenter will use his own experience in regional and international contexts to present vignettes and examples of what Culturally Sustaining Mathematics Teacher Development may look like but will also draw on the expertise of the participants to further refine the model of teacher development.

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STEMS² Pillars: Aʻo, Moʻolelo, Sense of Place, Advocacy


June 26th, 2020, 10:25am–11:25am HST

Location: STEMS² Symposium Room 5

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    Joel Amidon
    University of Mississippi