He Pilina Wehena ʻOle: Prioritizing Pilina-Based Approaches to Wildlife Conservation Through People-Place Symbioses


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The field of wildlife conservation is facing a great opportunity to embrace indigenous perspectives in the fight against biodiversity loss and extinction. Here, we present a case for a new pilina-based model of wildlife stewardship and advocate for greater inclusion of kānaka ʻōiwi perspectives in both wildlife education and community-level management in Hawaiʻi. After the presentation, we invite attendees to engage with questions and share ideas on wildlife conservation matters pertaining to ʻāina stewardship, wildlife curricula in Hawaiʻi, and any new and related education initiatives of interest.

Lisa holding an ʻamakihi Lisa holding an ʻiʻiwi

STEMS² Pillars: Aʻo, Makawalu, Sense of Place


June 29th, 2022, 2:45pm–3:45pm HST

Location: Aʻo (Gather.Town)

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