Opening a Portal: Bringing Sensitive, Relevant Topics into the Classroom




Join two educators, from the education team of the Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 (PAAC), as they share how they worked with students in answering the questions above through a process that can be duplicated with other sensitive issues we are faced with today.  This is an interactive workshop connecting lessons that supported student use of the open access, place-based educational modules on the PAAC website.  Participants will “walk through” student experiences for the unit to gain a sense of the process used in rolling out these lessons for students.  Included in this process:

  • defining civil discourse and safe learning spaces that include active listening, and engaging diverse perspectives in constructive, respectful, yet thought provoking ways
  • student voice and choice
  • an opportunity for students to build intergenerational connections that reconnect parents to their child’s education
  • an arts connected experience that provides pathways for students to share their learning in ways that allow their creative, expressive sides to shine
  • access to resources that can be used as is, or will be open for “copying” and iterating based on participant’s class, and content needs

June 30th, 2022, 10:45am–11:45am HST

Location: Advocacy (Gather.Town)