STEAM Dreams: Just and Sustainable futures through STEAM Education


Talk Story / Paper


The proposed knowledge sharing from this presentation connects with STEMS^2 conference theme through its alignment Makawalu & Advocacy. In this presentation, we explore the need to see real world problems and solutions through multiple lenses and many angles at the same time, by uncovering actants of living and non-living entities that complicate our ways of knowing and push us to see the complex and multiple perspectives of an issue. We question how our teaching practices can integrate subjects, such as art to examine the real world from all angles and expose causes that require our deep and reflective thinking in order to foster well-being for societies, individuals and environments. Specific to STEMS² advocacy is related to educational transformation and addressing issues of access and equity and this presentation is aligned by teaching students how to see past the masked realities to address social justice issues that are often hidden. The STEMS^2 symposium has always been a place where like minded scholars can gather and share how supports for teacher development can be reconceptualized. This presentation continues that dialogue.

STEMS² Pillars: Makawalu, Advocacy


June 28th, 2023, 11:00am–12:00pm HST

Location: Advocacy (Gather.Town)

  • Sheliza Ibrahim Khan
    University of Toronto, CA
  • Dave Del Gobbo
    Stephen Lewis Secondary School, Ontarion CA
  • Sarah El Halwany
  • MajdZouda
  • Minja Milanovic
  • Nurul Hassan
  • Mirjan Krstovic
  • Gonzalo Guerrero Hernandez
  • Nicole Kofman
  • Larry Bencze
    University of Toronto