Uplifting African American Students’ Voices: Developing Solutions for Digital Equity in Communities (Online)




This workshop will be a hands-on experience where we will feature our students’ voices, issues, and solutions to concerns that they face in their community. The workshop will aim for participants/educators/researchers to engage students and communities to work together to identify and solve problems that matter to them. We will open with a community builder task; to see who is in the room (ice-breaker). We will then move into our presentation, emphasizing what our work looks like in classrooms, followed by the hands-on experience for participants. During the workshop, we will provide space for educators to brainstorm concerns within their teaching communities. There will also be dedicated time for participants to collaborate with others in the room to gain multiple perspectives or Makawalu to solve their concerns. The workshop will conclude with a whole group share-out session, so we can continue to practice Aʻo, the reciprocal relationship between being a teacher and learner at all times. The resources we will share will include an overall unit plan template, a list of ways to engage with the community to hear their needs or concerns, and ideas for students to share their solutions with their community.

STEMS² Pillars: Aʻo, Makawalu

To participate in this experience, you must register in advance. This workshop is offered online in Zoom via Gather.Town. Participation is limited to 24 people. Space still available. Sign-up today!

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June 29th, 2023, 9:00am–11:45am HST

Location: Makawalu (Gather.Town)

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    Michele R. Williams
    University of Illinois Chicago
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    Nicole D. Williams
    Dream Factory
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    Frank S. Carr Jr.
    Information Technology Academy, Montgomery County Public Schools