PhD Educational Psychology

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The PhD in Educational Psychology is directed towards increasing the candidate's competence in educational inquiry. In general, the domain of inquiry encompasses human learning and development in the context of education.

Courses are offered in the areas of statistics, measurement, evaluation and research methodology; and human learning, cognition, and development. The program prepares individuals to conduct basic and applied research and evaluation in public and private educational settings and provide instruction and consultation appropriate for all educational levels, especially higher education.

The PhD program provides rigourous knowledge and expertise in the areas with two specializations, 1) Learning and Development; and 2) Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation (MSE).

Delivery Options

Evening courses at UH Mānoa.


Core Courses

All doctoral students entering the program in Fall 2013 and later will be required to take the courses listed below. There will be a total of 33 credits required for these core courses. Students will need to receive a grade of no lower than B (B- will not be acceptable) in each of these courses.

Introductory Courses

  • EDEP 611 Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • EDEP 608 Introduction to Educational Research

Learning and Development

  • EDEP 661 Development and Learning
  • EDEP 662 Social Context of Learning
  • EDEP 663 Models of Cognitive Learning 
  • EDEP 768B or EDEP 768C Seminar in Educational Psychology

Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation

  • EDEP 604 Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance
  • EDEP 616 Measurement in Education and Social Sciences
  • Two of the following advanced quantitative courses: EDEP 605 Structural Equation Modeling, EDEP 606 Multivariate Methods, EDEP 612 Multilevel Modeling, EDEP 626 Advanced Psychometrics, EDEP 768D, EDEP 768E, EDEP 768G Seminar in Educational Psychology

(Prerequisite of EDEP 601, PSY 610, EDEA 629, or an introductory statistics course at Master's level for MSE courses)

Qualitative Research Methods

  • EDEA 604 Qualitative Research Methods in Educational Organization or
  • EDCS 632 Qualitative Research Methods or
  • EDEP 768H Seminar in Educational Psychology or Equivalent

Additional Degree Requirements

Cognate Area for Specialization

Nine credits of graduate course work in cognate area (interdisciplinary specialization in learning and development OR measurement, statistics, and evaluation) consisting of 3 courses designed to enhance the student's knowledge for his/her dissertation. Courses cross-listed with our department do not fulfill this requirement. 

College Teaching Experience

College teaching experience in conjunction with one or more faculty members as a teaching assistant, co-teaching, or independently.

Documentation of Directed Research Experiences

Contact individual faculty member for directed research experiences (EDEP 699).


Minimum Residency of three semesters of full-time work or the equivalent in credits at UH Mānoa.


The culminating requirement is a dissertation, an original educational inquiry resulting in a product that informs educational practice. The development of a disseration is done in consultation with a Program Advisor.

Students will present their final papers to the faculty, peers, and other interested professional parties.

Completing the PhD Degree

For more information regarding degree requirements beyond core courses and completion of the degree please see the EDEP Student Handbook below:

Handbook/Instructions EDEP Student Handbook Last Updated
February 2014

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