Social Media – Do’s & Don’ts

Basic guidelines for responsible use of social media, with links to further reading.

Social Media Uses

This tutorial will explore various uses of social media to build your program's reputation and foster a sense of community. We list some excellent examples from the higher education industry, each with good tips you can implement in your social media content.

COE Social Media Guide

It’s people-powered. It’s dynamic. It’s fast-moving. And it’s growing with incredible speed. Social media offers powerful ways to position your programs and build closer relationships with many individuals. However, it also presents new risks. That’s why we have defined a social media framework. It is a foundation for all COE users working with social media. The aim is to support a strong and cohesive brand presence in all social media activities.

Social Media – Platforms

Each social media outlet has its strengths and weaknesses, so we recommend you tailor your posts to each platform. Here’s an overview of the attributes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.