Brent Edwards

Educational Foundations Associate Professor Brent Edwards recently co-authored a report published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Each year, UNESCO publishes the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEMR) that tracks the progress of international development goals for education. This annual report shapes education politics globally and is used by civil society to advocate for more investment/improvement in education in different countries around the world. Edwards’s report is one of only 30 background papers commissioned by UNESCO to provide key input into the GEMR.

The influence of the World Bank on policy formation, policy implementation, and private education: a systematic review of the literature

While much literature has been produced about the World Bank, there has not been a systematic discussion of what is known about how the World Bank influences policy formation and policy implementation—and how it uses that influence to advance its agenda related to private education. This background paper seeks to clarify, based on a systematic review of 77 publications, what is known about the World Bank in these areas.

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