Ian Reid

Ian Reid passed away on September 17, 2015 at his home in Austin, Texas at the age of 84. He retired from the College of Education Department of Educational Psychology (EDEP) in 1990 as a professor after 24 years of service. Prior to joining the college, Reid taught at Florida State University and the University of Utah where he earned his BS, MS, and PhD degrees.

“Ian had a profound influence on my life both as mentor and close friend,” said former student, Mike Gross. “He had a powerful intellect and a fiercely independent spirit, combined with a deeply compassionate nature and a wonderful, quirky sense of humor. He was a great friend who could be counted on in good and bad times. He was a man who demonstrated exceptional integrity and courage throughout his life.”

During his tenure at the college, Reid served as department chair from 1969 to 1973 and again in 1981. At that time, he also became the director of the newly formed Laboratory for Educational Inquiry (LEI), a position he held until his retirement. As director of LEI, Reid popularized the use of personal computers throughout the college.

Friend and colleague, David Sherrill, recounts, “Along with Lucius Butler, Ian helped to string the initial wires in both Wist Annex 2 (currently Everly Hall) and Wist Hall. He was ever-present in LEI and made the lab available to users practically 24/7. Besides being a tireless advocate for computer technology, Ian provided counseling services to prisoners at OCCC and to executive trainees, surfed regularly with Peter Dunn-Rankin and Art Staats, helped to paint offices throughout the college on weekends, was part of the work crew that renovated the College Center (now the Andrew In CCC), and was the head cook at many educational psychology campouts.

Reid taught measurement and statistics courses and remained very active in his retirement, often posting wide-ranging and provocative observations. He was known as outspoken, passionate, and fearless in his beliefs.

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