With campus-based and hybrid (mix of campus-based and online) program options available, a B.Ed. from the Elementary Education Program (EEP) prepares future teachers for a rewarding career teaching elementary education. Whether you are aspiring to be a teacher that works with young children, children in K-6, children with special needs, or are aspiring to be a teacher who is great at inspiring children whose first language is not English, EEP has a program for you!

Why Elementary Education?

In Hawaii, ‘ohana (Hawaiian for extended family) is one of the most important precepts of daily life. In the Elementary Education Program, teacher candidates will find an ‘ohana in each other and with our loving and dedicated faculty, as they journey together through their 2 year cohort program. Our faculty enjoy what they do, and they work hard to give you a variety of unique experiences that help prepare you to become a future teacher.

In-between class work and homework assignments designed to prepare teacher candidates to have a strong core understanding of teaching concepts, teacher candidates will have real life hands-on experience in classrooms that will be much like their real working environments after graduation. Our Elementary Education faculty also work closely with mentor teachers to ensure that your observation and student teaching experiences help bring out your best potential.

If you are someone with a passion for helping and teaching others, and want to help prepare the next generation, please consider contacting us and setting up an advising appointment.

Elementary students in art class