Jon Yoshioka Director

Interests: Teacher Education, Professional Development Schools, P-20 Partnerships, International Partnerships, Science Education

(808) 956-7989

image of Lori Fulton

Lori Fulton Associate Director

Interests: Discourse of Science; Science Notebooks; Elementary Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Development

(808) 956-3823

image of Christopher Au

Christopher Au Assistant Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Autoethnography, Writing and Storytelling, Critical Theory, Visual Arts, Literature and Literacy, Postmodernism, Decolonization and Postcolonialism

(808) 956-4154

image of Rosela Balinbin Santos

Rosela Balinbin Santos Assistant Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Elementary Social Studies; Social Justice; Community Partnerships & Advocacy

(808) 956-4154

image of Stephanie Buelow

Stephanie Buelow Associate Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Disciplinary Literacies; New Literacies; Teacher Education

(808) 956-2588

image of Elizabeth Chapman De Sousa

Elizabeth Chapman De Sousa Associate Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Children who are Multilingual; Educator Preparation for Multilingual Learners; Sociocultural Theory

image of Doreen Elliott
image of Cynthia Farley

Cynthia Farley Assistant Professor - ESEE Program Coordinator, Instructor, & Field Supervisor

Interests: Teacher education, high-leverage practices, evidence based practices, mentoring and support of novice special education teachers, and neuroeducation

(808) 956-7871

image of Rayna Fujii

Rayna Fujii Associate Specialist/Statewide Coordinator

Interests: Elementary Social Studies; Distance Education; Teacher Preparation

(808) 956-4409

image of Shin Ae Han

Shin Ae Han Assistant Professor

Interests: Early Childhood Education; Children's place and space; Qualitative Research; Teacher Education

(808) 956-5105

Jocelyn Ige Field Supervisor

image of Priscila Leal

Priscila Leal Lecturer

Interests: Critical Applied Linguistics; Teaching for Social Justice; Teachers of Multilingual and Multicultural Learners; Narrative Analysis; Teacher Agency, Critical Consciousness, Emotion, and Identity

image of Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine Partnership and Placement Coordinator

Interests: P-20 partnerships; international partnerships; teacher education; teaching as a creative act; the classroom as a performance space; the teacher as actor

(808) 956-0726

image of Theresa Lock

Theresa Lock Instructor

Interests: children's play, child development, teacher education; social justice in education

(808) 956-4389

image of Lucy Masa

Lucy Masa Instructor & Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Neuroscience and Education; Learning Differences and Special Education; Educational Philosophy; Literacy

Camille Monson Lecturer/Cohort Coordinator

image of Leah Muccio

Leah Muccio Associate Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: early childhood education ; equity pedagogy ; teacher education

image of A. Kuʻulei Serna

A. Kuʻulei Serna Professor

Interests: Teacher Education (Elem.); School Health/Health Education; Social and Cultural Contexts for Learning; Native Hawaiian well-being, education, and advancement.

(808) 956-4412

image of Aaron Sickel

Aaron Sickel Assistant Professor

Interests: Elementary Mathematics Education, Science Education, Integrated STEM Education, Teacher Development, Teacher Education Curriculum

image of Jamie Simpson Steele

Jamie Simpson Steele Associate Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: arts integration, performance ethnography, teacher preparation, inclusion; Co-Teaching

(808) 956-4405

image of She/ Her/ Hers

She/ Her/ Hers Associate Professor/Cohort Coordinator

Interests: Situated Learning; Emergent Bilinguals; Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy; English as a Second Language; Second Language Teacher Education; Sociocultural Theory; Video reflection and video annotation tools; Professional Development Schools

(808) 956-7877

image of Ronnie Tiffany-Kinder

Lynn Young Lecturer

Interests: Art Education

image of Natalie Haggerty

Natalie Haggerty ESEE Cohort Coordinator

Interests: ; Early Literacy Reading Interventions, Mild to Moderate Learning Disabilities, Teacher Preparation

image of Caryl Hitchcock

Caryl Hitchcock Affiliated Faculty

Interests: instructional strategies for multilingual learners

(808) 553-3793

image of Michael Sheehey

Michael Sheehey Blended PK-3 Cohort Coordinator

image of Kristen Ferrer
image of Emily Ta

Emily Ta Grow Our Own (GOO) Teachers Initiative Program Manager

(808) 956-4523