Ka Malu O Kaiona cohort

The Ka Malu O Kaiona* Cohort in the College of Education (COE) School of Teacher Education (STE) Elementary Program is featured in Hoʻōla Hou iā Kalauao organization’s year-end review. Teacher Candidates volunteered at Kaʻōnohi at the beginning and end of spring 2023. Led by mahiʻai (farmer) Anthony Deluze and Danielle Espiritu, these huakaʻi (excursions) provided opportunities for the teacher candidates to connect with the ʻāina (land) while deepening their understanding of teaching and learning, and their role as educators. Espiritu is a current PhD candidate from the COE Department of Curriculum Studies.

*Ka Malu O Kaiona is a K–6 elementary cohort in the STE Elementary Program coordinated by Dr. Rosela Balinbin Santos. Based in Wai‘anae Coast partner schools with the goal of recruiting future teachers for and from Wai‘anae Coast communities, the program focuses on place-based learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and community advocacy. This is the 3rd Ka Malu O Kaiona cohort, and they will be graduating in May 2024.

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