American Samoa Graduation

Twenty-one students in the UH Mānoa College of Education (COE) Territorial Teacher Training Assistance Program (TTTAP) graduated in American Sāmoa on June 17, 2019. The graduating class earned a Bachelor of Education Degree and included two COE cohorts – Cohort 32 Special Education & Elementary Education (dual degree) and Cohort 33 Early Childhood Elementary Education. Co-directed by Professor Deborah Zuercher and Laura Laolagi, a doctoral candidate in the college’s Learning Design and Technology program, TTTAP began more than 35 years ago. “I am grateful to Dean Nathan Murata, Associate Dean Amelia Jenkins and STE Elementary Director Ku’ulei Serna for extending College of Education services to the Pacific Regions. COE has grown our own talented team of Samoan educators that now provide place-based and culturally responsive teacher education and field supervision in American Samoa,” Zuercher said.

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