Due to the need for special education teachers, there is a year-to-year contract agreement between the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) and UH that provides tuition stipends for 31-36 credits of our teacher licensure programs in special education. To be eligible for the stipend, students must agree to teach special education in a HIDOE school for a minimum of 3 years after completing the program. Stipends are contingent upon yearly renewal of the DOE-UH contract and will be automatically offered to all students who were admitted that enrollment year. Students are responsible for securing their own funding for prerequisites, additional program credits, and/or any additional program costs such as travel, books, and testing/licensure fees.

The following programs are eligible for the DOE tuition stipends, with stipend amounts shown:

  1. BEd, Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education (36 credits, $16,920)
  2. BEd, Exceptional Students and Elementary Education (33 credits; $15,543)
  3. Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Special Education (33 credits; $15,543)
  4. Master of Education in Teaching, Dual Secondary & Special Education (31 credits (graduate tuition rate); $20,150)