STE EECE Student

Roddriann Cremer

"I wanted to inspire children so they can one day inspire children themselves."


Kaua'i, HI


School of Teacher Education - Elementary

Related Degrees

  • BEd, Elementary Education

What drew you to the program (STE EECE)?

I wanted to inspire children so they can one day inspire children themselves.

How did the Kyoto visit impact you?

The Kyoto visit really impacted me. I have more patience for my English language learners because I was placed in their shoes while observing classrooms and lessons.

Describe your road to becoming an educator

When I was 16, my baby sister was born. Since then, I have helped her to grow into the smart little 7 year-old that she is today. I have helped her with homework and taught her things that she needs to know. Seeing how interested she is in what I am trying to teach her inspires me to want to teach and inspire other children.

How has the COE helped you on your road to becoming an educator?

The college of education has really helped me. For one, they have given me the opportunity to visit a place out of this country for the first time. The professors here teach techniques to us candidates that will be fun and engaging for our future students.

*The 2013 Kyoto Cohort consists of 11 undergraduate students who are each studying to become a teacher in the School of Teacher Education elementary program (STE EECE) who traveled to Kyoto, Japan in May 2013 to visit elementary schools and work with Bukkyo University teacher candidates and faculty. As part of the cohort, students participate in an Inquiry into Japanese Education (STE 399) course led by Rosela Balinbin, which includes academic presentations to Dean Young, STE Elementary faculty, and COE alumni.

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