Coursework – Elementary Education Program

Courses in this program are taught in a semester cohorted sequence over two years. A total of 66 credits are required.

Pre-requisite Courses (must be taken BEFORE entering program) [ credits]
Course Credits (FD)
SPED 304 Foundations of Inclusive Schooling (Elem. Emphasis) 3
ITE 360* Introduction to Multicultural Education 3

*EDEF 360 also meets this requirement

Required and STRONGLY recommend taking BEFORE entering the program

Elementary Education Emphasis Courses [6 credits]

Course Credits (FD)
EDEF 310* Education in American Society 3
EDEP 311 Psychological Foundations 3

*EDEF 352 History of Education in Hawaii also meets this requirement

Before you begin the cohort program, work with your Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) Advisor to schedule the above required Emphasis courses. Some of these courses may be offered in the summer.

Courses scheduled for you DURING the program

One additional Elementary Education Emphasis Course [3 credits]

Course Credits (FD)
SPED 444 Education Exceptional Students in Regular Classrooms 3

Professional Education Core Courses [51 credits]

Course Credits (FD)
ITE 312 Introduction to Teaching 3 (W)
ITE 313 Principles and Methods of Reading Instruction 3 (W)
ITE 314 Principles and Methods of Writing Instruction 3 (W)
ITE 320 Instructional & Assessment Methods for Multilingual Learners 3
ITE 322 Social Studies, Elementary 3 (W)
ITE 323 Science, Elementary 3 (W)
ITE 324 Mathematics I, Elementary 3
ITE 325 Mathematics II, Elementary 3
ITE 326 Visual Arts, Elementary 3
ITE 329 Performing Arts Expression 3 (O)
ITE 317 Field Experience, semesters 1, 2, and 3 9
ITE 390C Student Teaching, semester 4 10
ITE 391C Student Teaching Seminar, semester 4 2 (W)(E)

Focus Designations (FD)

(W) Writing Intensive (O) Oral Communication (E) Ethical Issues
Other highly recommended courses to take before entering the program

These courses are not required for graduation; 120 total credits are required for graduation.

  • SPED 480
  • LTEC 112
  • PHIL 492
  • MUS 353
  • THEA 470
  • DNCE 490