MS, Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science

Apply Now Instructions

Important Directions For Makalei And Graduate Division Application:

Please visit the Mākālei system website to apply

How to log in:

  • If you have a UH Username, please select, “UH username and password”.
  • If you have not logged into Makalei before and do not have a UH Username, please select, “Create an account” and that will lead you to the steps to create a Mākālei account.
  • If you have created a Makalei account but do not have a UH Username, please select, “Personal email & password”.

Once Logged In:
1 – You will see the “Select a Program” page. Your program and track should already be selected.

  1. Confirm your degree level (i.e. Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, Graduate Certificate), and
  2. Confirm the program and track you are applying for.

2 – You will then be provided with program options. These should already be filled in so you will confirm your starting semester, track, delivery option, and any other options.

3 – You are then brought to the Admission checklist. The checklist will walk you through all the requirements of the application process including applying to UH Manoa through Graduate Division.

Please read through the checklist carefully and make sure you understand and complete each step.

If you have any questions, please call 808-956-7606.

Apply Now Through Makalei