Academic Advising

Find out how advising works in our College

What is OSAS?

We are the Office of Student Academic Services in the College of Education. OSAS provides academic advising to all College of Education undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students, as well as all students who want to become teachers.

How do I speak with an OSAS academic advisor?

You can schedule an appointment with an advisor using STAR Balance. Students can login with their UH username and password. Non-students can choose the “I am not a UH Student” option to login.

For quick questions, we also offer Virtual Express Advising on certain days. See the Virtual Express Advising section on our webpage for the schedule and link.

During peak registration times of the year, we offer Virtual Peak Season Advising. During these times, the schedule and link will be posted on our webpage.

Who is my academic advisor?

Our College does not assign undergraduate students to a specific OSAS advisor. Instead, students have the flexibility to choose the OSAS advisor they want to meet with. Please note that some OSAS advisors do not offer certain types of appointments. You can select the appointment type on STAR Balance, and it will filter to show only the advisors for the type of appointment you need.

Students majoring in Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science (KRS) should also contact KRS Advisor Da Houl via email ( for KRS advising.

Students majoring in Secondary Music should also contact Music Professor Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong (


Ensure that you have a smooth registration process

I was recently admitted to a teacher licensure program. How do I register for the program’s cohort courses?

Students who are admitted to a teacher licensure program will receive an email from the School of Teacher Education (STE) with registration instructions for their cohort courses.

How do I fix a registration hold on my STAR account?

View the hold to find out which office placed it, how to contact them, and what is required for hold removal.

If the hold was placed by OSAS, please check your inbox as it is likely our office sent you an email regarding the hold. For further clarification on a hold placed by our office, contact us at or (808) 956-7915.

I am getting a prerequisite error when I try to register for CHEM 161 or MATH 140. What does this mean?

Have you taken the chemistry or math placement exam? If not, you’ll need to do this to register.

Students who do not place into CHEM 161 can take CHEM 131. After earning a grade of “C” or higher in CHEM 131, they can register for CHEM 161.

Students who do not place into MATH 140 can take MATH 134. After passing MATH 134, they can register for MATH 140.

I am on the waitlist to register for a course. What should I do next?

Be sure to check your email daily. If a spot opens up for you, you will be notified via email and will have a limited amount of time to register for the course.

On the first day of instruction, the waitlist is no longer an option. You can continue to check the availability of the course. If you’d like to inquire about enrolling in the filled course, you can contact the instructor.

We recommend that you find an alternative course to register for, just in case you don’t get into your waitlisted course. If you need assistance, you can speak with an academic advisor about your options.

How many credits do I need to be a full-time student in the Fall or Spring?

Students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full-time student in the Fall and Spring semesters.

How many credits can I register for?

Students can register for up to 19 credits each Fall and Spring semester.

Where can I see class availability?

Visit the UH Mānoa Class Availability website. During the registration periods, students can also view class availability through STAR GPS.

How can I solve the problems I am having with STAR?

For assistance with STAR, see the “Help” and “Contact Us” sections on the STAR About Us page.

Declaring a Major or Minor

Learn how to officially declare a new major or minor

How do I declare a major in the College of Education?

Speak with our advisors to learn about the major and discuss your academic plan. Visit the Declare your COE major page to declare. For admission, students must meet the major’s minimum GPA requirement.

I am a student in the College of Education and want to switch to a major that is not in the College of Education. How do I do this?

Please contact the advising office for the major that you are interested in. To find the correct advising office, refer to the UH Mānoa Advising Guide. We recommend that you make an appointment with them to discuss the major and your academic plan.

How do I declare a Minor in Education?

Schedule an advising appointment to discuss the Minor in Education and Minor in Education Certification Form. To prepare for your appointment, please review the Minor in Education website.

I am a student in the College of Education and want to declare a minor that is not in the College of Education. How do I do this?

We recommend that you meet with both OSAS and the advising office for the minor that you are interested in. To find the correct advising office for the minor, refer to the UH Mānoa Advising Guide and Degrees, Minors & Certificates page.

Additional Questions

Find the answers to more advising-related questions

How do I apply for graduation?

To apply for graduation, students should follow the steps on the Graduation & Commencement website.

In addition, undergraduate students in teacher education programs should schedule a graduation check appointment with OSAS in the Summer prior to their graduation year. For example, if a student is planning to graduate in Spring 2024, they should schedule a graduation check appointment with us in Summer 2023.

Students majoring in KRS-HES should schedule a graduation check appointment with OSAS two semesters prior to their graduating semester.

Where can I find course descriptions?

Course descriptions can be found in the UH Mānoa Catalog.

How can I find out if a course is transferable to UH Mānoa?

An official transfer credit evaluation is conducted by the Office of Admissions after a degree-seeking student has been admitted and has confirmed their intent to enroll.

The UH Course Transfer Database contains a searchable library of previously evaluated courses. The equivalencies displayed are intended to serve as a guide and are not guaranteed until a formal evaluation is completed.

How do I purchase a parking pass?

Student parking pass information is available on the UH Mānoa Commuter Services website.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree and would like to become a teacher. What options are available?

We offer Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Education (PBCTE) and Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT) programs that lead to teacher licensure. We have created an informational chart to help you learn about these programs. We also encourage you to meet with an OSAS academic advisor to learn more about the programs and help you decide which program is right for you.