Creature Features

This unit, entitled Creature Features was designed to expose students to the unique animals of Hawaii and strengthen their sense of place. This unit follows the Universal By Design plan. It also includes an integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Sense of Place (STEMS2), while following constructivist teaching approaches. One of the philosophies of STEMS2 is to create authentic and meaningful lessons in which students can relate.
This curriculum is still under review by faculty. Units identified as Under Review have been submitted by educators. While they are available to view now, they are currently being reviewed by our curriculum committee for addition to this site.

Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, Na Hapena A'o

Community Partner(s)

At the time of implementation, I was not able to partner with a community organization.  In the future, I would like to partner with Honolulu Zoo and have students take a field trip there to observe animals and how they use their structures to help them survive.

Essential Question

Why do animals look different?  

How do animals use their body parts to help them survive?

  • How do animals use their body parts to protect themselves?
  • How do animals use their body parts to eat?

Enduring Understanding

Animals use their body parts to help them survive in their habitat/environment.  

Author Reflections

I would have liked to do is to bring in more aspects of place-based education.  Instead of only introducing native animals to the students, I would want to bring in other social issues of native species conservation.

Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content Science, Math, English Language Arts, Engineering, Cultural Knowledge