Kilo to Wonder

The purpose of this unit is to help young learners build the understanding that using the Native Hawaiian practice of kilo helps you understand your world and ask questions about how it works. The design of this unit is within a biocultural framework that will connect to the building blocks of current academic science pedagogy in a Native Hawaiian practice.
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Standards Aligned

Next Generation Science Standards, Social Studies (C3), Common Core ELA, Na Hapena A'o

Community Partner(s)

Community Partners for this unit will bring insight into the practice of kilo and support in knowledge building for development of an authentic artifact of learning.

Essential Question

How can engaging in the practice of kilo help Wonder

Enduring Understanding

Students will understand kilo is observing, examining, and watching closely with all their senses and that kilo goes hand and hand with ‘aina aloha and connecting to their place

Students will understand that wonder is asking questions and developing ideas about noticings and phenomena in their environment, which will build on their sense of place and engage them in research to answer questions.

Students will understand that noticing patterns in what they have observed helps humans better understand their world and solve problems in the world

Learner Level Elementary

Primary Content Science, STEM, Cultural Knowledge, English Language Arts