A lead dancer improvises movement within a set number of beats, and the other dancer(s) repeat the same movements directly after. Dancers continue to lead and follow with new movements exploring the B.E.S.T. elements.

Example National Core Art Standard Alignment (opens in new window)


Anchor Standard 2:

Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.


Anchor Standard 8:

Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.

Curriculum Integration Ideas

  1. Students can use I Move,You Move to express character traits (English Language Arts)
  2. Students can use I Move,You Move to explore a variety of music that comes from different cultural traditions (Social Studies)
  3. Students can use I Move, You Move to learn about a range of musical genre (Music)
  4. Students can use I Move, You Move to represent a range of physical skills (Physical Education)
teacher dancing with students
“Hokey Pokey” Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Differentiation Ideas


Students who are developing physical control can begin dancing in a seated position. Movements can start small, with head arms, hands, and fingers. For beginning students, the teacher can be the leaders, and students followers.


Students may take on the role of leader in small groups. Movement prompts may come from a variety of inspiration beyond the music itself. A structure of rotating leaders can be established.

I Move, Your Move Strategy Handout