Students learn the contextual background of a song (such as the cultural, social, or historical significance) as well as the meaning behind the lyrics. Together, they learn the melody and sing together.

Example National Core Art Standard Alignment (opens in new window)


Anchor Standard 5.

Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.


Anchor Standard 6.

Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.

Curriculum Integration Ideas

  1. Students singing songs with figurative explore language that can be analyzed as poetic text (English Language Arts).
  2. Students singing songs with lyrics that tell the story of a place or a moment in history learn historical empathy (Social Studies).
  3. Students singing songs with world language lyrics practice language learning (World Languages).
  4. Students singing songs with lyrics related to facts and figures enhance memory of content (Math).

Differentiation Ideas


Teach songs with simple melodies and rehearse regularly. Well-known melodies can carry modified lyrics connected to content knowledge. Direct students to sing with simple variations (E.g. loud and soft, fast and slow). Using gestures can also support novice singers.


Provide learners with the challenge of more complex songs with multiple verses and parts. Direct singers to identify and solve challenges in the music for improvement at each rehearsal. Students may sing in rounds, or sing with a range of expression.Try dividing the parts among small groups who can determine their own expressive elements, or choreograph their own gestures.

Song Strategy Handout