Students communicate through physical gestures, actions and expressions, usually without the use of verbal language or props.

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Anchor Standard 1:

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.


Anchor Standard 4:

Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation.

Curriculum Integration Ideas

  1. Students can use pantomime to interpret character traits, motivations, and actions  (English Language Arts).
  2. Students can use pantomime to convey the actions of historical figures and community helpers (Social Studies).
  3. Students can use pantomime to explore health problems and solutions (Health).
  4. Students can use pantomime to represent story problems (Math).
sad clowns
“Early Ringling Bros. clowns” by Double–M

Differentiation Ideas


Students can scaffold toward pantomime by engaging first in Snapshots and then bring those frozen shapes to life. Provide prompts that are explicit, single actions, and practice them all together. Pantomime can be shared with ½ class at a time to support performance confidence.


Students can collaborate with partners or small groups. Provide prompts that are open to interpretation and imply a variety of actions. Provide instruction for students to create add-on pantomime or narrated pantomime. String together multiple pantomimed actions to create a narrative with a beginning, middle and end.

Pantomime Strategy Handout